The kids are our future

On Wednesday the 25th of May, the Team Alododo organized a workshop where the children of Grand-Popo got a chance to share their ideas about the development of their community.


The initiative Alododo aims at promoting local action that is fully based on the needs and the wishes of the commune. In this work, the youngest are not to be forgotten. For this reason, the Team Alododo arranged an event exclusively for the children so that they could give their opinion and contribution in the development of Grand-Popo.

In this event, one and half hours of duration, the children worked in small discussion groups to draw and share ideas about the creation of a center Alododo that could be used in their leisure time. At first, the participants illustrated their vision about the outside and inside appearance of the center.



A library with books and games to borrow, computers, a TV along with a multi-functional area for sports, dance and music were frequently mentioned in the lists of wishes.

In the Alododo movement, the most important guideline is that all action, from the creation of ideas to putting those ideas into practice comes from the people themselves. In respect of this principle, the second half of the workshop was dedicated for the plan of function of the center. For example, planning the opening hours, the registration of the loans and the cleaning.

The original idea for the organization of this event came from Ida Lindholm who is working at the moment as a trainee in the Finnish-African Cultural Center Villa Karo. In addition to the diverse cultural functions this center has a library.

— Since my arrival, the library has become really popular among the children of Grand-Popo, but unfortunately the number of books, and even the space, isn't sufficient for serving the amount of clients. At the moment there are more than 160 names in the loan register.

According to Ida, the quantity of the books and other equipment is not the only problem. The quality is also a concern. A large portion of the books and games are in Finnish, which does not serve the youth of Grand-Popo. Access to a better selection of school books and dictionaries would help youth with their school work, especially in the study of languages.


— An interest for reading is already there. The youngsters have enthusiasm to search information, but also the needed capacity to take responsibility. My dream is that one day these kids could have a real leisure center in their use – a center that they could run themselves with the help of adults they can rely on, Ida says.

Based on the ideas shared during the workshop, the Team Alododo will continue its work by searching for partners – associations or individuals – who are interested in taking action, or who work already, in the field of education and aim at supporting our youth towards a better future.

  • Text: Ida Lindholm & Oboube Blanchard Djoussou
  • Pictures: Ida Lindholm
  • Drawings: Joseph Tossouves & Marlène Amoussou
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