Join in!

Alododo is a citizen-led movement that allows us to join hands for local action for better today, where:

  • Everyone has access to basic necessities of life.
  • Everyone is free to live in peace, in a clean environment.
  • Everyone can participate, create and develop.

Alododo helps to build community, to unleash initiatives, and to solve complex problems. Everyone is welcome: artists, entrepreneurs, activists, experts, sustainable companies and non-profits, inventors, designers, opinion leaders, citizen journalists, celebrities – anyone who is willing to take action for better today.

To make Alododo a success we need Your contribution! To participate, You can offer your time, money or ideas. Every donation is important and gets us nearer to our ambitious goal, 10,000 lives improved!

Also, to follow the Alododo process of actions, the implementation of sustainable solutions and the use of resources, you can receive our newletter by e-mail.