Sustainable Solutions from Africa to the World!

African population will grow from one to four billion people by 2100. The direction Africa takes defines the future of all humanity. Active citizens are needed everywhere, not just in Africa but globally, to take charge of their own lives and neighborhoods, to share their wisdom and to lay the path of sustainability, right now.

Pilot in Grand-Popo

Actions speak louder than words. To test this genuinely African approach – by the people, with the people, for the people – we have started a pilot project in Benin, West Africa. The Grand-Popo area is blessed with pristine nature, ancient traditions and wonderful people. It is a safe and welcoming landing pad for locals and foreigners alike to perfect the Alododo learning and co-design process.

The Finnish-African Cultural Center Villa Karo and iCid Africa, a local association promoting the use of techonological innovations, coordinate the Alododo pilot together. This collaboration enables us to have activities in both Benin and Finland simultaneously.

Our goal is, by the end of 2018, to co-create a positive influence in the lives of 10,000 locals by joining hands with like-minded individuals and organizations – by co-designing six interlinked solutions that shape the area to be more resilient, active and self-sustaining.

Timeline for the pilot

  • Phase 1: Preparation (March-April 2016) – We made the initial plan and communication materials, secured 2 small-scale sponsors, built the website, gathered a core group of 15 locals and trained 30 volunteers who carried out interviews in Grand-Popo villages.
  • Phase 2: Local Readiness (April-May 2016) – We carry out a series of unconferences to deeply understand local challenges and needs. Based on this understanding the locals and chosen partners co-design six solutions and pick one for implementation. We support them to become more self-aware and solution-oriented world citizens who are able to empower others to act.
  • Phase 3: Action (July 2016-April 2017) – The local change-makers mobilize the community to implement Solution #1 in practice. We invite support from the international community.
  • Phase 4: Scale-up (May-December 2018) – Solutions #2-4 are implemented and documented. Alododo becomes a permanent platform in Grand-Popo. Renovations of Alododo center start.
  • Phase 5: New openings (January-June 2018) – Center starts its functions. Solutions 5-6.
  • Phase 6: Documentation (July-December 2017) – We continuously evaluate the results and process, allowing replication of good practices.
  • Ongoing: Replication – Our network of artists, activists, entrepreneurs and young leaders share the resulting concepts, tools, processes and methods with the world – ready to be localized and utilized anywhere.