What is Alododo?

No, Alododo is not a project. It is neither an association, nor a charity organization.

So what is it then?

Alododo is a state of mind. It is a movement of active and inspired citizens in free and open collaboration. It is a learning and co-design process. It is a platform that helps to build community, to unleash initiatives and to find grassroots-level solutions to local issues. Alododo is not a legal entity. In spirit and practice we are everywhere.

Alododo aims at:

  • Opening access to opportunities, resources and technology in Africa.
  • Empowering the participants to become more competent, confident, unified and motivated to look seven generations ahead and to create a better today, together.
  • Meeting many needs at once, making people thrive and places more active.

Alododo in practice:

  • 1) Volunteering: We bring together passionate volunteers to enable local action, to create the initial spark, to collect resources and to tie the initial partnerships.
  • 2) Local launch: We invite locals to join hands to ensure success of the later stages.
  • 3) Research: We aim to understand the needs and ideas of local people, in the context of challenges and solutions that are common to all of us, the Global Goals.
  • 4) Co-design: We invite change-makers, who are able to instill action in the local community, to co-design solutions that meet the local needs.
  • 5) Partnerships: We help the change-makers tie partnerships with organizations that are already working on the given matters, to source support and resources to make things happen.
  • 6) International launch: We invite the larger community of change-makers to join hands, using social media and artistic events to spread the word far and wide.
  • 7) Implementation: We oversee the implementation of the local solutions and communicate the progress to a wide audience both locally and globally.
  • 8) Evaluation: We evaluate the results and especially the process, to allow experimentation and learning from our mistakes.
  • 9) Replication & Scaling: We perfect the process to be replicated elsewhere. We scale up the working solutions to other communities.
  • 10) Continuous action: Alododo becomes an easy-to-approach platform for local ideas to be collected, evaluated and supported into action – under the same name and network.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Transparency – We don't take bribes or have hidden agendas.
  • Agility in Equality – We don't do bureaucracy and hierarchy.
  • Solution-orientation – We don't know the word “impossible”.